Smart Home Automation: Why it’s a Smart Choice

smart home automation connects your smart devices together.

Smart devices make your life easier and your daily routines smoother. Beyond voice control and remote access through your smartphone, there is a world of smart home automation possibilities that many users never knew existed. In this article, we delve into why leveraging automation in your smart home setup is beneficial. Discover the True Potential …

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What is Zigbee?

A range of wireless standards have been developed to facilitate communication between smart home devices. However, adding Wi-Fi to a device also increases power consumption, so some manufacturers have opted to use Zigbee and Z-Wave instead. While both have their unique characteristics, we’ll focus here on what is Zigbee and why it’s a great alternative …

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What is Geofencing?


While most smart home users are content with being able to control their lights and devices with an app, that’s actually just a fraction of what your connected home can do. Did you know that you can also trigger your devices based on where you are? This is known as geofencing. But how does this …

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Smart home troubleshooting: Fix common problems fast

smart home troubleshooting

We’d love to tell you that owning a smart home is a trouble-free experience. That’s unfortunately not the case. While modern smart home devices are easier than ever to both setup and maintain, you’ll run into an issue at some point. That’s why we’ve created this guide on smart home troubleshooting to help you diagnose …

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Supercharge your smart home Wi-Fi with these 5 networking tips

smart home wifi

1. Invest in a fast broadband connection. While a good smart home Wi-Fi router is the most important thing, don’t forget your broadband internet connection. Most of the communication between your smart devices occurs on your Wi-Fi network. However, these devices will need to connect to the Internet from time to time to allow you …

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Farberware Countertop Dishwasher Review: This TikTok Sensation Works

farberware countertop dishwasher

The dishwasher has become a must-have in the modern home: many couldn’t imagine life without it. For those that live in small-sized houses, though, a full-size dishwasher isn’t an option. Then there’s the issue of a direct water hookup, sometimes equally impossible for those living in older homes. This is what makes the Farberware Countertop …

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The Best Affordable Dash Cam in 2023: Why You Need One

nexar beam gps dash cam

You might be wondering what a blog on the best affordable dash cam is doing on a blog about smart home devices. Car dash cams aren’t smart home devices, I know. But I wanted to share a personal story of how dashboard cameras can be an “ace in the hole” when working with insurance companies …

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What is a smart home? What you need to know to get started

smart home basics

So you’ve decided to start building out your smart home. Congratulations! We obviously think that’s a great choice. While some smart home gadgets might be a little gimmicky, most have useful real-world applications. But we’re also willing to bet you might have a ton of questions too. It’s hard to keep up with the latest …

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