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9 Tips to Protect Your Smart Home Against Data Theft

Smart home technology has made home automation easy, and inexpensive. We can control our homes with an app, and in some cases, they learn our habits and perform these tasks on their own. But as smart home devices become more prevalent in our lives, the same rules of keeping our data safe still apply. While ... Read more

Best Uber Dash Cam in 2023: Drive Rideshare Safely

A rideshare driver myself, I know how valuable a dash cam can be. Uber and Lyft drivers deal with all kinds of issues while on the road, whether it be the occasional unruly passenger, having to deal with false or incorrect claims, or, worst of all, accidents. An Uber dash cam is a necessity. While ... Read more

Smart Speaker Shootout: Alexa vs Google Assistant vs Siri

Alexa vs Google Assistant vs Siri: it’s the battle of the smart speakers! These three platforms are quickly becoming ever more ubiquitous in today’s society. And you don’t necessarily need to have a smart home or a smart device to find them useful. These smart speakers can help you answer questions, help you keep on ... Read more

Are Dash Cams Legal? Guidance for Every US State

You can attach dash cams to your car’s dash and windshield for your own protection. They provide video evidence of what happens while driving, and police and insurance companies may find your video meaningful when a car accident occurs. This has led many people to ask, “Are dash cams legal?” Generally, dashcams are legal. But ... Read more

The Best Affordable Dash Cam in 2023: Why You Need One

You might be wondering what a blog on the best affordable dash cam is doing on a blog about smart home devices. Car dash cams aren’t smart home devices, I know. But I wanted to share a personal story of how dashboard cameras can be an “ace in the hole” when working with insurance companies ... Read more