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The Smart Home Spot aims to make sense of connected home tech for the everyday consumer. Across our pages, you’ll find tips to build, manage and troubleshoot your smart home. Our experts have a decade of experience in the technology, and are ready to help you join the smart home revolution!

Ed Oswald
Smart Home Expert

Hi, I’m Ed Oswald. I’ve been a tech journalist for almost twenty years, and I’ve spent a lot of that time focusing on smart home gadgets. I’ve tried out many devices myself, setting them up in my own home to see how they work. The cool thing about smart home automation is that your devices can “talk” to each other. For example, you can set up your system so that if it starts raining, your sprinklers automatically turn off, saving you water and money.

You can trust in my experience: I have written on smart home technologies for several major tech publications including PC World and Digital Trends. Now on my own site, I aim to help those new to the technology.

Why I created this site

Many of the smart home review sites on the web today focus on the smart home enthusiast, who has dozens of devices in their home and is looking for the next big thing. But for the average consumer, smart home terminology and technology can be pretty intimidating.

With The Smart Home Spot, we aim to be the “spot” for those curious to learn about smart homes in Plain English. We’ll break down some of the more complex topics, and explain why they might be a good fit in your home. Have a question? Ask our experts!

Our commitment to transparency and your privacy

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