The Best Black Friday Dash Cam Deals

A dash cam is a great holiday gift if you have someone on your list who frequently travels for work or pleasure. It’s one of those items that just about every electronics retailer will have some special on. And if you’re looking for a good deal on a dash cam, Black Friday 2022 will be … Continue Reading

What is a smart home? What you need to know to get started

So you’ve decided to start building out your smart home. Congratulations! We obviously think that’s a great choice. While some smart home gadgets might be a little gimmicky, most have useful real-world applications. But we’re also willing to bet you might have a ton of questions too. It’s hard to keep up with the latest … Continue Reading

Smart Speaker Shootout: Alexa vs Google Assistant vs Siri

Alexa vs Google Assistant vs Siri: it’s the battle of the smart speakers! These three platforms are quickly becoming ever more ubiquitous in today’s society. And you don’t necessarily need to have a smart home or a smart device to find them useful. These smart speakers can help you answer questions, help you keep on … Continue Reading

Supercharge your smart home Wi-Fi with these 5 networking tips

1. Invest in a fast broadband connection. While a good smart home Wi-Fi router is the most important thing, don’t forget your broadband internet connection. Most of the communication between your smart devices occurs on your Wi-Fi network. However, these devices will need to connect to the Internet from time to time to allow you … Continue Reading