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Nexar Beam GPS Review: High-Tech in a Simple Package

Nexar is likely one of the most recognizable dash cam brands, even if it’s one of the newest manufacturers: the company has spent millions on advertising. The Nexar Beam GPS dash cam is one of the company’s best-selling models, with most Nexar dash cam reviews we’ve read being very positive. Nexar’s dash cams differ slightly ... Read more

Smart home troubleshooting: Fix common problems fast

We’d love to tell you that owning a smart home is a trouble-free experience. That’s unfortunately not the case. While modern smart home devices are easier than ever to both setup and maintain, you’ll run into an issue at some point. That’s why we’ve created this guide on smart home troubleshooting to help you diagnose ... Read more

Supercharge your smart home Wi-Fi with these 5 networking tips

1. Invest in a fast broadband connection. While a good smart home Wi-Fi router is the most important thing, don’t forget your broadband internet connection. Most of the communication between your smart devices occurs on your Wi-Fi network. However, these devices will need to connect to the Internet from time to time to allow you ... Read more